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Eco music camp

Save the pristine beauty of nature together


We are launching a fundraising campaign to create an annual ecological music camp on the Lake Baikal and online art gallery on Baikal Nomads website.

By buying our merch you help us to do ecological music camp and create online gallery of artists united by idea of sustainable development and green living on the planet.
Our social goals
All income will be invested in two projects
Ecological music camp
50% of all income will be invested in annual ecological music camp on the Lake Baikal
Online Art Gallery
50% of sales will be invested in the development of the art gallery


January 2020
January 2020
Start merch & albums sales
March 2020
March 2020
Preliminary results
If the fundraising does not take place as we expected, the organization of the summer camp will be postponed for another year.
April 2020
April 2020
Eco Camp website launch
Start of eco camp ticket sales.
July 2020
July 2020
Ecological Music Camp
7 days eco camp at the Baikal shores
September 2020
September 2020
Online Art Gallery launch
Creation of a new merchandise collection from the sales proceeds.
We created a unique hoodie in the style of Yin Yang and a mandala yoga mat made of hemp which you can buy here.

The shipment for you will be formed and packaged by the caring and loving hands of Chingis's mother and his beloved sister :)
More products
Why it's cost more than typical hoodies and yoga mats?
Because a lot of companies produce same style of typical hoodies and yoga mats. We created unique designs, a lot of time and money was spent for searching good quality manufacturer with modern standards of production and good hemp material and cotton. Also our orders will be not so big for manufacturer so production of 1 piece costs more.
After launching and promoting the online art gallery, we will invest 10% of the profit in tree planting around the world and eco-camps in various places organized by our ambassadors
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