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Label manager / Multicultural enthusiast
The Universe is vibration... The Music is vibration and can be defined as art. The main function of art is to produce catharsis - purification of the soul of the beholder, which leads to renewal and restoration. I think music is dynamic meditation. Meditation has been practiced since ancient times in many religious traditions and beliefs, often as part of the path to enlightenment and self-realization. When you dance, you close your eyes, you hear music, you move, you turn off the mind, you clear your karma, you come closer to enlightenment.

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Vedat Mutlu
Turkey / Istanbul
....When i record something, most important thing for me is that the track must make you feel something when you listen; sad or happy, excited or done. I need to feel. I believe music is a language that has no specific words in it, instead of words, it has feelings those you should shape as an artist to communicate with others. After that, i believe, it has to be a story, a track should tell you something.

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